Glass Flotation

McLane Glass flotation, depth-rated to 7,000m, is ideal for moorings and custom instrument design such as ocean-bottom seismology instruments. Flotation modules with 12” borosilicate glass spheres have 10 to 40kg of buoyancy and are protected by polyethylene, high visibility hardhats.

Glass Instrument Housing

McLane specializes in building custom instrument housings. Lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant, McLane Glass Instrument Housings based on the 12” glass sphere, are ideal for holding electronics, batteries, navigation devices and custom sensors.

Steel Flotation

McLane steel subsurface flotation is a cost effective solution to shallow water and coastal buoyancy requirements. With heavy steel construction and durable finish, our highly efficient buoys withstand the harsh ocean environment and strenuous deployment procedures.

Mooring Recovery Float

The McLane Subsurface Mooring Recovery Float has an optional xenon flash and radio beacon that makes it ideal for locating and retrieving subsurface moorings in all water depths.