Taking benefit of close cycle coolers below 4K Croconcept has developed novel design of cryofree dilution refrigerators. Beside dry or wet HEXA Families systems, Cryoconcept engineering welcomes special customer requests.

HEXA DRY FAMILY – Cryogen Free

Large inside

  • More than 50% of available volume for experimental areas
  • JT cooler mounted in parallel to dilution unit

Compact outside

  • Only 2,4 meters height for a complete system including a 14T magnet.
  • No need for special laboratory space.
  • Easy and fast access to experimental areas.

Fast to cycle

  • Less than 24 Hours for a complete thermal cycle: RT – Base Temperature – RT
  • 16 hours from RT to base temperature for a bare system
  • 21 hours from RT to base temperature with a 8T magnet

HD 200

  • Base temperature inf. 10mK
  • Stability @ 20mK 0,1 mK
  • 200µw @ 100mK
  • 7 µw @ 20 mK
  • High temperature 30K

HD 400

  • Base temperature inf. 10mK
  • 400µw @ 100mK
  • Stability @ 20mK 0,1 mK
  • 10 µw  @ 20 mK
  • High temperature 30K


  • Easy access with removable clamps on the IVC for fast sample changes.
  • Direct line of sight access to sample.
  • User-friendly automatic gas handling system.
  • Joule-Thomson helium condenser for efficiency and simplicity.
  • HEXA TemP temperature controller and 3 ways simultaneous bridge.
  • Manganin twisted pairs and Coaxial lines.
  • Customizable on request.


Large inside

  • No IVC.
  • Gives space to detectors and beam access

Compact outside

  • Easy to integrate on optical table


  • Designed to catch your beam, extremely low background noise

HoR 200

  • Base temperature inf. 30mK
  • Stability @ 30mK 0,1 mK
  • 250µw @ 100mK
  • Less than 16 hours for 300K-30mK
  • Liquid helium hold time 48 hours
    (up to 10 days with automatic refill)