Sensor Carrier Demodulators

CD12 High Gain Research Carrier Demodulator

  • 2-arm, 4-arms bridges-switch selectable
  • Meter readout plus dual analog outputs
  • Scale expansion of X3 and X10
  • Selectable frequency response
  • Zero suppression to ±100% full scale

CD15 General Purpose Basic Carrier Demodulator

  • Output: ±10 Vdc
  • Compact: may be used on bench top or mounted in existing enclosures
  • Regulated against line voltage variation
  • Fast Dynamic Response

CD16 Single-Channel DC Powered Carrier Demodulator

  • Rugged and Compact
  • Operates from unregulated 9 to 55 Vdc
  • Provides ±5 Vdc full scale output
  • 4-20 mA output available
  • Regulated against power variations
  • Input/output isolation available

CD17 Single-Channel USB Carrier Demodulator

  • USB Interface for Digital Operation with PC
  • For Validyne Variable Reluctance Sensors AP10, DP15, DP45, DP103, DP303, DP350 & DP363
  • USB Drivers and Data Logging Software Included

CD23/223 Carrier Demodulator with LED Display

  • 3 ½ or 4 ½ Digit display
  • Dual transducer inputs on CD223
  • BCD output option
  • Operates with variable reluctance or LVDT transducers
  • Analog DC output

CD379 Portable Carrier Demodulator with Digital Display

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Internal battery operation or optional AC converter
  • ±2 Vdc analog output standard
  • Optional features include 2 Wire, 4-20 mA current loop
  • Mode switch for Linear/Square Root outputs

CD101 Circuit Board Carrier Demodulator

  • ±10 Vdc Output
  • Carrier excitation for variable reluctance and differential transformer transducers
  • Optional mounting configurations
  • Optional input, output and control connections
  • Optional power sources

CD280 Multi-Channel Carrier Demodulator

  • ±10 Vdc analog outputs
  • Provides regulated 5V rms 5 kHz transducer power
  • 1 kHz frequency response
  • Modular plug-in design
  • Economical

CD72 Multi-Channel Carrier Demodulator

  • OEM Circuit Board Solution
  • 10 Vdc Signal Output
  • Carrier excitation for Validyne variable reluctance transducers
  • 2 or 4 Channel operation
  • Regulated against power variations